Fiber Optic Cabling

PMA IP Solutions offer cable placement, complete fiber optic splicing, complete testing services, emergency restoration, and custom cable assemblies.

Fiber optic cabling offers increased security and safety, faster bandwidth over longer distances, and more reliable data transmissions. PMA IP Solutions will install fiber optic cable under standard electrical codes, and regulations. Our certified technicians possess the required tools and test equipment to perform fiber optic cable installations.  

Our fiber optic cabling services include:

  • Site surveys to identify your need.
  • Fiber backbone installation
  • Fiber optic testing and certification
  • Single-mode & multi-mode fiber optic cable

 Our engineers are continuously keeping abreast of the latest fiber optic technologies and installation standards. We offer scalable and flexible solutions that meet your requirements. 

Our Services

We provide innovative engineered solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of commercial, industrial and residential. 

Our talented employees focus their energy on helping clients meet the challenges of today’s new economic realities.

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